SAP Analytics Cloud

We provide intuitive, self-service access to business information.

Enable informed and rapid decisions based on reliable and real-time business data.

Maximize visibility into the performance of your business network.

Simplify deployment and optimized use of IT infrastructure and resources Our solutions leverage flexible tools like ad hoc reporting and analysis, dashboards and visualization – add data quality management and integration – along with prepackaged data marts that deliver faster, higher ROI.

Let us help you gain the insight you need to seize opportunities – with our comprehensive business intelligence (BI) solutions for enterprise and midsize companies.

To implement SAC in your company, we recommend an experienced partner. Our experience ranges from industries such as food, automotive or electrical engineering in projects such as determining the effectiveness of machine runtimes in production to reporting with SAC in financial reporting.

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Snowflake is a cloud-based data warehouse that uses a subscription-based model with storage and computing running independently. Snowflake’s technology uses elastic storage to automatically use hot/cold storage strategies to reduce costs, and scalable computing eliminates the usual concurrency limits that other warehouse options impose.

Snowflake’s data warehouse is cloud-agonistic, allowing customers to use several clouds. Snowflake is accessible on Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Amazon Web Services at the moment.

Snowflake saves both structured and semi-structured data and converts it to a SQL-compatible format.

Users can query data quickly without altering the underlying data set and receive data that is closer to real-time.

Snowflake’s customizable cloud server solution decentralizes data, allowing each stakeholder or group within an organization to access specific data sets without the need for lengthy data transfers.

The company’s services are available on-demand, allowing users to choose the amount of computation and storage they require before paying for it on a per-use or monthly fixed-rate basis. Because of Snowflake’s flexible payment structure, compute and storage may be turned on and off as needed for certain instances and projects without incurring long-term costs.

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