DevOps in the database

Agile has become the development methodology of choice, but how can fundamental changes to database objects, including tables, be implemented frequently without disruptive downtime in a 24×7 world?

Agile and database design

Do you schedule database change scripts late at night, have single DBA’s/Developers sat alone in the early hours handling release scripts? This is not only bad for tired, overworked individuals. Edition Based Redefinition from 11.2 onwards means releases – including changes to tables – can be made in core hours with Development, DBA, operations and UK Oracle support fully available to help with the unexpected. In a 24×7 world, even the small hours are core somewhere on the globe so EBR is becoming essential.

Edition-Based Redefinition can seem a little intimidating, but given a few prerequisites, it’s not so challenging. The advantages are potentially enormous. It can be important to keep tidy though. Here’s how.

Tracing from the SQL prompt

SQL tracing is sometimes the only way to investigate and resolve performance issues. It’s possible to access and analyse SQL traces without access to the database server. Here’s how…

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