Useful sites (and very useful sites)

Carlos Sierra

Carlos has simplified capturing SQL Plan baselines and applying a plan that used to work to the system where the plan’s gone bad.

Looks like it’s been taken away from his public github repo. If you Google coe_xfr_sql_profile.sql, you’ll find references to it, probably requires downloading SQLT from Oracle Support.

Jonathan Lewis

If there’s been an issue in Oracle database, it’s probably explained in full on this site:

Mogens Nørgaard

Very entertaining guy, though I’m not sure he gets invited to Oracle events much any more.

This site was genius back in the day. A couple of decades after the storage suppliers sold the concept of RAID 5 to the “bean counters”, it is probably now true that RAID5 storage with SSDs underneath can really perform well enough not to be a bottleneck. (So less relevant today, but only if you have an All Flash Array.)

Kyle Hailey

Amongst other things, Kyle was responsible for the drill-down design in Oracle Enterprise Manager performance monitoring. Turned things around so even “hard-core command line DBAs” like Doug Burns could be heard to say they’d use it in preference to anything else.

But he has some scripts too.

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