Android Apps

I’ve played with building apps in MIT’s App Inventor 2. It’s an amazing tool, allowing you to build apps with sophisticated capabilities like Voice Recognition using no code. I wonder how many professional Android development shops use it to prototype production apps.

Chrome Webstore has an app that will let you try my apps in your Chrome browser. (With some limitations, the audio input and outputs don’t seem to work.) Find ARC Welder here.

Air Radio Messages


I took a course at my gliding club leading to a CAA radio operator’s license a couple of years ago. It takes you through the main messages you need to know for proper use of a VHF radio in an aircraft.

I was able to use App Inventor blocks to tweak the audio output to conform to required standards – e.g. “three” is pronounced “tree”. There’s a place to enter emergency numbers, and a panic button that will send your GPS location and a Google maps location to an email address or as an SMS.

Flight log shortcut

Kisstech’s KTrax is a site glider pilots use a lot to check their flight times, or confirm that someone has in fact landed. It’s pretty awkward to use from a phone, so the App allows you to use Android date spinners to select the date and brings the website up for the airfield you asked for.

Thanks to for the info on ARC Welder.

I had some issues with excessive permissions in the Apps as generated by App Inventor 2. Here’s a description of how I worked around this, with credit to Joseph Sepielli.

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